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Aquaculturist with a focus on marine species and sustainability. Through my past experiences I have had the opportunity to work with experts at internationally recognized institutes and accumulate knowledge and skills geared towards my professional career. Main interests lay in open ocean, recirculating and multitrophic aquaculture systems with a strong focus on fish nutrition and aquafeeds. At the moment I am carrying out a Masters of Science in Aquaculture at the Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami. The topic of my master is to test feeds where the fishmeal has been completely replaced by plant-based meals in locally farmed rabbitfish feed in Palau, Micronesia. Extensive research has also been carried out on on how to utilize insect meal to produce aquafeeds in a sustainable and economical manner


Aquaculture Research

Husbandry of high commercial value marine species, live feeds, broodstock and larval rearing

Aquaculture Nutrition Research

Testing feeds with complete replacement of fish meal with plant-based meals

Seaweed Farm

Supervisor of seaweed production in brackish water ponds, from seeding to distribution

Diabetes Research

 Rodent perfusions and injections, and quantified imagery data for pancreatic vascularization 

Tilapia Farm

Carried out tilapia sexing, grading, feeding, egg collection and biometrics growth trial

Coral Cryo-conservation Research

Research on the ex situ conservation of coral using cryopreservation and banking of gametes

Amphibian Research

Research on effects of tadpole nutrition and water composition on development of spindly leg syndrome

Aquaculture Research

Marine hatchery husbandry and project to determine effect of diet on tilapia lipid and protein quantity 

Coral Research

Husbandry and data collection of coral colonies for recovery from scarred tissue 

Giant Ocean Tank & Cold Marine

Fed tropical and cold marine fish through the use of SCUBA and targeted surface feeding

Aquaculture Research

Husbandry of marine sea hare for research, and carried out small experiment on algae growth




Multi-trophic Aquaculture of Grouper and Bivalves 
Factors to Consider for Successful Marine Protected Areas

Integration of a recirculating aquaculture system of grouper broodstock and growout pond wastewater remediation utilizing oysters on hanging ropes

Closer look at what factors might allow Marine Protected Areas to be successful in their conservation goals, focus on economic and social incentives and benefits

Correlation Between Rise of Tourism and Degradation of Coral Reefs

The link between number of tourists in the Caribbean and coral reef impacts over time, focusing on coastal development and marine-based threats 

Climate Refugees

A closer look at the millions of refugees forced to seek asylum due to climate change; and how the Geneva Convention must be updated because it does not not protect them

Historical Marine Degradation and Caribbean Marine Protected Areas

A jump into the past to understand the health and prosperity of the oceans through historical documents, and the verious levels of effectivness of Caribbean Marine Protected Areas

Public & Private Information of the Fracking Industry

Available and protected information regarding fracking chemicals, and the issue that ill people are legally forbidden from learning what chemicals have caused their ailment

The Spanish Galleon

Rise and fall of the Spain in the 16th century by focusing on the use of galleons ships as part of its Armada. Closer look at why the galleon failed the Armada to invade England

The Inca Civilization

Extensive study on numerous facets of the Inca civilization of Peru, ranging from its history, social hierarchy, politics, farming, diets, record keeping, warfare, and more

Impact of the Cuban Revolution of 1959 on the Sugar Industry

An assessment of the destruction of the Cuban sugar industry due to the Communist revolution, ties with the falling Soviet Union, and a quickly crashing economy


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Brian Gratwicke, Ph.D.
Lead Amphibian Scientist
Smithsonian Institute

Demonstrated exceptional commitment to his work, attention to detail, and a knack for problem solving - His results were successfully used as preliminary data to secure a grant for $50,000 - He will make an invaluable contribution

Mary Hagedorn, Ph.D.
Director of MarineGEO Hawaii
Smithsonian Institution
Jeffrey M. Schell
Oceanography Professor 
Sea Education Association

Because of his reliability, enthusiasm
and focus, he was promoted to chief intern - Original thinking in his designs and very successful craftwork - Clear evidence of being a successful team leader in various environments and projects

Among the top 5% of students - Follows directions, stays on task, and completes his work in a timely, high quality manner - Well versed in fundamental concepts in geologic, physical, chemical and biological oceanography


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