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About me


Nutrition aquaculturist with a focus on marine species and sustainability. Through my past experiences I have had the opportunity to work with experts at internationally recognized institutes and accumulate knowledge and skills geared towards my professional career. Main interests lay in open ocean, recirculating and multitrophic aquaculture systems with a strong focus on fish nutrition and aquafeeds. In 2020, I received a Masters of Science in Aquaculture at the Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami. The topic was to test feeds where fishmeal had been completely replaced by plant-based meals in locally farmed rabbitfish (Siganus lineatus) feed in Palau, Micronesia. Extensive research has also been carried out on on how to utilize insect meal to produce aquafeeds in a sustainable and economical manner. Currently, I am carrying out a PhD on nutrition focused on endogenous markers, digestibility, and bio-energetics of cobia (Rachycentron canadum).



Feed Ingredient Evaluation

Developing scientific document supporting the use of an aquaculture ingredient


Insect Ingredient Evaluation

Analyzing insect meal and oil, and comparing to other animal and plant proteins

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Aquaculture Research

Husbandry of high commercial value marine species, live feeds, broodstock and larval rearing

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Aquaculture Nutrition Research

Testing feeds with complete replacement of fish meal with plant-based meals

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Contracted Consultant

Develop an aquaculture toolkit geared for marine ecosystem managers

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Seaweed Farm

Supervisor of seaweed production in brackish water ponds, from seeding to distribution


Diabetes Research

 Rodent perfusions and injections, and quantified imagery data for pancreatic vascularization 

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Tilapia Farm

Carried out tilapia sexing, grading, feeding, egg collection and biometrics growth trial

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Coral Cryo-conservation Research

Research on the ex situ conservation of coral using cryopreservation and banking of gametes

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Amphibian Research

Research on effects of tadpole nutrition and water composition on development of spindly leg syndrome

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Aquaculture Research

Marine hatchery husbandry and project to determine effect of diet on tilapia lipid and protein quantity 

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Coral Research

Husbandry and data collection of coral colonies for recovery from scarred tissue 

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Giant Ocean Tank & Cold Marine

Fed tropical and cold marine fish through the use of SCUBA and targeted surface feeding

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Aquaculture Research

Husbandry of marine sea hare for research, and carried out small experiment on algae growth


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